We are champions of investors and helping people and businesses take ownership of their financial futures.

Our purpose is to champion every client's goals with passion and integrity. This purpose drives us to help our clients take ownership of their financial futures, helping people at all levels of income and every stage of life.

We place the highest value on:

  • dummy Earning our clients' trust by treating them in an ethical, empathetic, and proactive way.
  • dummy Constantly improving the client experience through innovation that benefits clients.
  • Providing financial support for people and businesses in supported countries to expand our service globally

We bring the charming people together to challenge established thinking. FrancisGold exists to help people achieve better financial outcomes.

Everything we do as a company is focused on helping our clients take ownership of their financial future.

  • dummy Our mission is to give people and business owners the tools and advice they need to build great businesses—businesses that create more jobs, grow the economy
  • dummy and keep alive the thriving, vibrant local communities we all call home.

We want to create superior value for our clients, shareholders, and employees. And we want to stand out as a winner in our industry

We believe that if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything. Strong ideals make strong businesses. Our practices and commitments have been purposefully outlined.

  • dummy To be a global reference to people and business flourishing and financially risk-free future
  • dummy To help people and business manage finance to fund personal project  in line with investing for the future to boom our global presence

Executive Board

Meet Our Consultants

Alfred Richard
Alfred RichardDeputy Director
Khalid Abdulla
Khalid AbdullaCreative Head
David Shutter
David ShutterFinancial Analyst
Sanya Feinstein
Sanya FeinsteinFinancial Analyst
Mike Bobby
Mike BobbyFinancial Advisor
Michelle Clent
Michelle ClentBusiness Analyst
Sean William
Sean WilliamInvestment Specialist
Sarah Keen
Sarah KeenGrant Specialist